Critical Care and Hospitalist Medicine cover

Critical Care and Hospitalist Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple by Michael Donahoe, M.D. and Mark T. Gladwin, M.D.

A thorough guide to the treatment of hospitalized patients in critical care situations. Treatment of pulmonary dysfunction; ventilators and respiratory failure; cardiac, hematologic, GI, kidney, and acid-base disorders; drug overdose, and neurologic emergencies. For further information, see the MedMaster Critical Care page.

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Cardiac Drugs low res   

Cardiac Drugs Made Ridiculously Simple by Michael A. Chizner, M.D. and Ryan E. Chizner, D.O.


RHEUMATOLOGY from cover Low Res

Rheumatology Made Ridiculously Simple by Adam J. Brown, M.D.


Cardiac PE cover       

Cardiac Physical Exam Made Ridiculously Simple by Michael A. Chizner, M.D.

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Consciousness Made Ridiculously Simple: A Serious Resolution of the Mind/Body Problem by Stephen Goldberg, M.D.


Forthcoming Medmaster Titles 2020:

  • ECG Interpretation Made Ridiculously Simple, by M. Chizner, MD
  • Clinical Genetics Made Ridiculously Simple, by S. Goldberg, MD

The Goldberg Files

The Goldberg Files is based on the struggles of Dr. Goldberg as well as those of his many students which he observed while teaching medical school for 25 years. This extensive blog is dedicated to assisting students in dealing with the stresses of medical education. Want to learn more?

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