Put our whole medical library in your pocket and access medical study online or offline 24/7.


Highlighting & Note Taking

Your eBook is fully customizable to your study habits. Add sticky notes, highlight text, bookmark, or even use our pen tool to write notes anywhere on the page.

Easily Find the Right Information

Numerous navigation tools to get you quickly to where you want to be studying. Easily search for specific names, words or phrases, organize your bookmarks, navigate through the interactive table of contents or skim though a carousel thumbnail of an entire book.


Customize While Still Keeping Page Integrity

Our books, your way! Choose your highlighting and note taking colors, decide whether you’re a portrait or landscape reader, enlarge the print as big as you want, change the margins to your heart’s content. And still… Our book to app page technology means that no matter how you customize your eBook, the copy will always align exactly with the equivalent page in the hardcopy.

Dynamic Syncing

Your notes, bookmarks, highlights and direct-to-text pen writing sync across all of your devices to ensure you have access to your work without any fear of losing your content.


Read Online AND On The Go

Download your eBooks and save them on your MedMaster app for easy access while offline.

Real-Time Updates to Your Books

All of our updates are included with your eBook purchase. From updates on COVID and Pharmacology chapters to our newest App tools and retouched medical illustrations, when our books update, your books update!

Put simply, the MedMaster App belongs on every smart list of medical education requirements.