• Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple
  • Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple
  • Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple - MedMaster
  • Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple - MedMaster

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Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple

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How to examine a Spanish-speaking patient without knowing a single word of Spanish. An enormously helpful, well-indexed guide to communicating in Spanish. Ideal for physicians, nurses, PA’s and other health care workers. Questions in "yes" and "no" format, with correct phonetic pronunciation for each phrase.

Trudy Espinoza-Abrams


Pages: 106

Publication: Edition 1 (January 31, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN: 9780940780453 eISBN: 9781935660903

Table of contents

Greetings and General Remarks

Present Illness

Past Illness/Family History

- Allergies

- Hospitalization: Injury/Surgery

- Medications

- Drug Abuse (Drugs, Alcohol)

- Immunizations

- Travel

- Occupational History

- Psychosocial History

- Diet

Review of Systems/Physical Examination

- General

- Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature)

- Skin

- Head and Neck (head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth)

- Neck

- Larynx

- Blood, Lymphatic

- Chest

- Cardiovascular

- Pulmonary

- Breasts

- Gastrointestinal (abdomen)

- Genital and Urinary

- Sexual History

- Pelvic Examination

- Female Menses

- Pregnancy

- Labor

- Delivery

- Endocrine

- Extremities/Musculoskeletal

- Neurological

Laboratory Procedures

- Venipuncture

- Urine Collection

- Sputum Specimen

- Stool Specimen

- Throat Culture

- Electrocardiogram (ECG)

- Radiology

- Ultrasound

- CT Scan


- Spinal Tap

Prescription Directions

Prescription Information

Emergency/Trauma Information

Appendix 1: Cardinal Numbers

Appendix 2: Ordinal Numbers

Appendix 3: Days of the Week

Appendix 4: Months of the Year

Appendix 5: Guide to Certain Letters of the Alphabet

Dictionary of Medical Terminology

Glossary of Spanish Medical Terms

Index of Signs and Symptoms

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