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The increasingly massive body of medical information can cause much student stress: "There is too much to know and not enough time to learn it." MedMaster has a remedy:

MedMaster carefully selects the clinical information that is most relevant to the medical student and other health professionals and presents it in a brief, interesting manner, often with humor and memory aids, emphasizing concepts and understanding. This reduces study time.

People, unlike computers, are better at learning concepts than isolated facts. By first emphasizing understanding, it becomes easier to learn and recall isolated facts.

A student can learn from three kinds of books:

1. The reference text. While such large books provide essential reference information, the student can get lost and not achieve an overall understanding of the subject.

2. The Board review book. In emphasizing isolated facts, this kind of book often does not provide understanding.

3. The small conceptual book that MedMaster publishes, which provides understanding in addition to key information useful not only for exams but for practical application throughout one's career.

There is a brief window of several months in which the student wants to rapidly review for the USMLE, NCLEX and other Board exams. MedMaster offers a different sort of book for Board review. MedMaster's books, USMLE Step 1 (and Step 2 and Step 3) Made Ridiculously Simple and NCLEX-RN Made Ridiculously Simple, provide the most rapid and efficient way to review for those exams. Although crammed with information, these books not only have very few words and can be read quickly, but are arranged in charts. This enables the student to cross-reference information on a page and thereby more quickly attain a solid organization of a large body of facts.

MedMaster was founded in 1979 by Stephen Goldberg MD, after his StephenGoldbergfirst book, Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple, was rejected by multiple publishers for making a serious topic funny and being too brief. It subsequently became a best seller, having sold over 350,000 copies. Dr. Goldberg, a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, trained in Neurology, Ophthalmology and Family Medicine. He has taught medical students and residents for 25 years at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where he is Professor Emeritus. He received the George Paff Award for Most Outstanding Professor eleven times. He was invited, in view of his contributions to medical education, to give the keynote address to the medical school graduating class at the Washington University at St. Louis School of Medicine in 2004. Dr.Goldberg has joined with a number of qualified authors of like mind to write other MedMaster titles, which are regularly updated.

The Goldberg Files (accessed through the menu above) is dedicated to assisting students in dealing with the stresses of medical education.

MedMaster books are used by numerous students within and outside the United States and have been translated into a number of languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Korean and Farsi).