Page 94 (2nd paragraph from end) of the first printing of Edition 5 of Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple, in connection with a discussion about Acinetobacter, incorrectly identifies Neisseria as gram-positive. Neisseria are gram-negative. The paragraph should read:

"These guys [Acinetobacter] can fool the lab technicians. At times they may appear gram-positive, and at other times they may even be misidentified as Neisseria species. This is because they can be coccobacillary (short rods) or coccal in appearance, and on solid media they often form diplococci similar to Neisseria."


Page 292 (last sentence under Cervical Cancer, regarding HPV vaccine): Instead of reading "This would represent the first time a vaccine prevents cancer", it would be more accurate to state "This (and the hepatitis B vaccine, which can prevent hepatocellular carcinoma) represents the first time a vaccine prevents cancer."


Page 285 (First sentence under HHV 8) reads "HHV 8 is a herpesvirus that appears to cause Kaposi's sarcoma! (See 'Malignancy' subheading in Chapter 25 for further information." The reference should be to Chapter 26 rather than Chapter 25.


Page 291 of Edition 5 (24th printing): the table at the bottom of the left column refers to smallpox as "centrifugal spread" and chickenpox as "centripetal spread." It should describe smallpox as "centripetal spread" and chickenpox as "centrifugal spread.".


Page 100, Fig. 11-1 of Edition 5 states that Haemophilus ducreyi has no exotoxins. Actually, it has two: cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) and hemolysin.


Page 155 of Edition 5, second line on left reads "See Fig. 14-10 for a broad overview of the most commonly observed NTM organisms." The reference should be to Fig. 15-11. Page 175, 3rd paragraph left column, refers to pg 175 for summary of tetracycline effects. It should be pg 178.


Page 287 of Edition 5, last column second paragraph from bottom should read "dew drops" rather than "few drops".


On page 162, figure 17-6, the caption should read “…beta-lactam ring…” not “beta-lactamase ring”.


On page 163, under Beta-lactamase Inhibitors, clav, sulbactam, and tazo are not enzymes, they are penicillanic acid derivatives.


On page 173, methyl-thio-tetrazole should be abbreviated MTT rather than MMT.


Pg 52 [column 2 (d) and chart pg 57 Treatment column (4)]: metronidazole or penicillin is used to treat tetanus.


Pg 303 typo, 1st paragraph of "Diarrhea = Death by Dehydration": Correct spelling is "caliciviruses", not "calciviruses".

6th edition:
Page 17 under notes for anthrax should read: "2. PA is the B (binding) subunit, while both EF and LF are A (action) subunits of the anthrax toxin"

Page 227 in the 1st printing of the 6th Edition, under the section titled DNA VIRUSES: The text should indicate that the negative strand of the DNA virus is the strand that is read, while the positive strand is ignored, rather than the opposite.

Page 161 2nd column under Penicillin G: Staphylococcus Avreus --> Aureus.


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