Frank Seitz, Ph.D.: Behavioral Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple (1997)

A practical, compassionate, and humorous look at behavioral/psychological strategies in caring for patients. Covers stress, chronic pain, depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, sleep disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and developmental stages of life. 140 pgs.; $12.95.

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Chapter 1. Introduction: To Doctors Who Want To Be Healers

Section I: Overview, Models, and Mechanisms of Intervention
Chapter 2. The Biopsychosocial Model of Health Care: More Than Just a Bag of Bones
Chapter 3. Learning Principles: The "Guts" of Behavioral Medicine
Chapter 4. Psychodynamic Psychology: Black Boxes and Band-aids
Chapter 5. Doctor-Patient Communication: Healing Words

Section II: Clinical Problems
Chapter 7. Stress, Fear and Illness: Tigers, Caves and Coping
Chapter 8. Chronic Pain: When the Medicine Chest Fails
Chapter 9. Depression: A Car Without Gas and Nowhere to Go
Chapter 10. Suicide: "Oh God, Is There No One to Listen?"
Chapter 11. Alcoholism: The Power of Poison
Chapter 12. Drug Abuse: The "Highs" That Bind
Chapter 13. Disorders of Sleep: Cortical Cobwebs and Calamities
Chapter 14. The Tragedies of Domestic Violence: Broken Hearts
Chapter 15. Sexual Abuse: The Intimate Wound

Section III: Developmental Stages
Chapter 16. Infancy: Welcome to Our Planet
Chapter 17. Childhood: The Wonder Years
Chapter 18. Adolescence: Taming the Tasmanian Devil
Chapter 19. Young Adulthood: Stretching for the Brass Ring
Chapter 20. Middle Age: "#@*&%$!!@#!*&%!"
Chapter 21. Old Age: Going Gently into that Good Night
Chapter 22. Dying and Death: The Cocoon and the Butterfly