John Preston, Ph.D.: Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple (2018) (8th edition)

A brief, practical review of the indications for and use of pharmacologic agents in the treatment of psychologic disorders. Case examples. New chapter on over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements; updated for DSM-5 classification of psychiatric diseases. 83 pgs.; $16.95. (sample page)



Chapter 1. General Principles
Chapter 2. Depression
Chapter 3. Bipolar Illness
Chapter 4. Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 5. Psychotic Disorders
Chapter 6. Miscellaneous Disorders
Chapter 7. Over-the Counter Medications and Dietary Supplements
Chapter 8. Non-Response and "Breakthrough Symptoms" Algorithms
Chapter 9. Case Examples
Appendix A. History and Personal Data Questionnaire
Appendix B. Special Cautions When Taking MAO Inhibitors
Appendix C. Caffeine Consumption Questionnaire
Appendix D. On-Line Practice Guidelines and Updates