Stephen Goldberg, M.D.: Clinical Biochemistry Made Ridiculously Simple (2010)

Emphasizes the key metabolic pathways in biochemistry (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids) and their diseases. Includes a color map of Biochemistryland (an amusement park in which clinical biochemistry can be visualized as a whole). For biochemistry courses and medical Board review. Third edition. 95 pgs.; $24.95. (sample page)
ISBN 9780940780958


Chapter 1. Overview of Biochemistryland. Where is Biochemistryland? How to use this book.
Chapter 2. The Main Powerhouse. The Energy Hall of Fame. The Main Hallway, the Ferris Wheel (Krebs Cycle) and the Ferris Wheel Generator (oxidative phosphorylation). The Saloon (alcohol metabolism). Where is the Main Powerhouse? Summary of Connections of the Main Powerhouse.
Chapter 3. Carbohydrateland. The Penthouse Powerhouse. The Carbohydrateland Storage Room. The Ice Cream Parlor. Conjugation Area. Where is Carbohydrateland? Summary of key connections of Carbohydrateland.
Chapter 4. Lipidland. The Central Sector of Lipidland: The Up and Down Roller Coasters. The Ketone Playhouse. The Western Sector of Lipidland: The Lipid Storage Room. Phosphatidylywink Village. Sphingo's Curio Shoppe. The Frog Pond (prostaglandins). The Eastern Sector of Lipidland (Channel #5 and the Sex and Bile zones of Sterol Forest). Where is Lipidland? Key connections of Lipidland.
Chapter 5. The Amino Acid Midway. Functions of the amino acids. The Urea Rest Room. Where is the Amino Acid Midway? Summary of connections of the Amino Acid Midway.
Chapter 6. Combo Circle. Lipoprotein Theatre. Glycolipid Theatre. Glycoprotein Theatre.
Chapter 7. The DNA Funhouse. Replication. Transcription. Translation. Nucleotide Degradation. Where is the DNA Funhouse? Summary of Connections of the DNA Funhouse.
Chapter 8. Porphy's Hemeland. Where is Porphy's Hemeland? Key connections of Porphy's Hemeland.
Chapter 9. The Infirmary. Vitamins, Hormones, Minerals, Drugs, Lab tests.
Chapter 10. Clinical Review. A guided tour through Biochemistryland using the Biochemistryland map. Clinical conditions referrable to the different lands.
Chapter 11. Beyond Biochemistryland.
Appendix I. Isomers
Appendix II. Enzyme Glossary.
Structural Index
General Index